This weeks featured firearms training class at the BluCore Shooting Center is our Tactical AR Class! If you have an AR, have taken our AR Fundamentals Class and are interested in moving up to the next level of AR proficiency, then this class is for you. If you’ve already taken the class and want to improve your score, then come see us!

We begin in our classroom and review the fundamentals learned in our AR Fundamentals class. Participants will find many similarities between our AR Fundamentals and our Pistol Fundamentals (because we like to Keep it Simple!).

On the range, we’ll start with some simple drills w/ the AR in both Low Ready and High Ready positions. Then, we’ll move on gradually to more advanced drills. We’ll move on to engaging multiple targets, transitioning to our secondary (pistol), combat / tactical reloads and other drills. On the 2nd night, we’ll do some moving and shooting as well as some testing.

As with all courses, we believe that techniques / methods must be Combat Proven! Our AR rifle courses, both the AR Fundamentals and Tactical AR courses, certainly fit that bill! Many of our instructors have deployed multiple times and used what they teach now to keep themselves alive in some of the worst places around the globe. Come learn the same techniques used by them!

A sling, extra magazines, magazine pouches and a pistol (w/ holster) will be required to take this class. As mentioned above, you must also have taken our AR Fundamentals class. If interested in taking our Tactical AR Class, just click here to sign up!