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Mon: 12pm-6pm
Tue-Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-7pm

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The BluCore Shooting Center has 3 different indoor shooting ranges. Our Pistol Range (where we also allow rifle training) is divided into a 4 lane and 8 lane bay. Our Rifle Range has 5 lanes wide and is 100 yards long.

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Both the Pistol and Rifle Shooting Ranges have target retrieval systems. This allows you to quickly send targets from the firing line out to the 100 yard line on our Rifle Range. On our Pistol Ranges, you can send the target out to your desired distance, up to 45 feet. The distance is digitally displayed on the target controller in our Pistol Range. We have yard line markers at the 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard distances on our Rifle Range. There are many Denver shooting ranges. Come see what makes us the best!

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Rifle Shooting Range

Indoor Rifle Shooting Range

Our indoor rifle shooting range is 100 yards long and 5 lanes wide with yard lines at the 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard distances. We can take any rifle caliber up to .50 BMG. It is currently the only indoor rifle range of that length, in Colorado thats open to the public. Our well lit, climate controlled, indoor rifle range is the best way to quickly site in a gun or check your zero before the big hunting trip! There aren't a lot of places to shoot rifles indoors in Denver. Come give ours a try! 

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Pistol Shooting Ranges

Indoor Pistol Shooting Range

Our Indoor Pistol Shooting Range is divided into a 4 lane bay and an 8 lane bay with a ballistic wall between them. This allows us to leave one side open to the public for range use while teaching dynamic moving and shooting forward of the normal firing line on the other. On our Pistol Ranges, shooters can send targets to their desired distances, up to 45 feet away. We also allow rifle use on our Pistol Lanes 

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Gun Range Ventilation

Well Ventilated Indoor Shooting Range

Our entire range area is ventilated by a state of the art ventilation system. On the pistol range, air is replaced every 90 seconds! On the 100 yard rifle range a negative pressure is created, moving smoke and lead dust down range, away from the shooter. Simply put, it is the cleanest indoor shooting experience available.