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BluCore Shooting Center is known as one of the top gun stores in Denver, featuring a full gun store combined with our NSSF Five Star Rated shooting ranges. We offer a number of different makes and models of firearms and accessories with an emphasis on concealed carry and self-defense firearms and related accessories. A lot of what we carry is being carried by professional 'Operators' in the field of duty. Whether it is in use by a military, SPEC-OPS, SEAL Team, SWAT Team, Law Enforcement department or competitive shooter, the guns and gear we have to offer are being proven every day!

Gun Stores Denver - Tactical Shotguns Gun Stores Denver - Concealed Carry Pistols Gun Stores Denver - AR 15's for sale

Concealed Carry Handguns for Sale Denver Pistols
for concealed carry, home defense, tactical use, competition or recreation

AR-15 Rifles For Sale Denver Rifles one of the best selections of Tactical AR platform rifles around

Shotguns for Sale Denver Shotguns huge selection of semi-auto & pump action tactical shotguns

Optics For Sale Denver Optics tactical red-dots, precision rifle scopes, back up iron sites and more

Firearm Accessories for sale Denver Accessories Holsters, night sights, flash-lights, safes, pocket knives just to name a few

Ammunition for Sale Denver Ammunition for range, hunting or defensive use, all competitively priced

The inventory in our Denver Gun Store changes almost daily! We focus on concealed carry and self-defense firearms and related accessories, but we can get almost anything in.  Our firearms, accessories and ammunition are all competitively priced!

BluCore Shooting Center 
7860 W Jewell Ave. 
Lakewood, CO 80232